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The Dynamic Mind Approach

Holistic counseling tailored to your needs.
Serving North Atlanta Metro areas.

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Benefits of a Therapeutic Team for Best Outcomes 


You're probably wondering why we are different from the other agencies, counselors, and more.


We pride ourselves on being different from the rest. Unlike others, we believe in taking a holistic approach to our client's well-being. We understand that addressing mental health requires more than just a surface-level approach. 


Our team includes Dr. Susan Belangee of Dynamic Growth Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC who brings over 25 years of expertise in counseling and is a sought-after expert in Adlerian theory.  Dr. Belangee is the Executive Director of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology and has taught in the United States and internationally.  She recently finished her chapter on eating disorders in the 4th edition of Psychopathology and Psychotherapy: DSM-5 Diagnosis Case Conceptualization and Treatment. Finally, Susan is currently partnering in the publication and editing of Singing the Unsung: Women's Voices in Adlerian Psychology. She has already published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters about Adlerian psychology, the BASIS-A Inventory©, and other related topics.


Piper Harris of Untangled Mind, LLC has been entrenched in the field of psychology and counseling since her undergraduate began in the Fall of 1997. Piper's pursuit of learning cognitive behavioral therapy has allowed her to flourish in her 20+ years of business, including counseling in mental institutions, group homes, and psychiatric units. Additionally, she worked within nonprofits that included a state-wide initiative for drug-free youth and helped to launch a national program, America's Promise Alliance, where she coordinated her hometown as a flagship city along with the late Colin Powell and his wife, Alma.  Finally,  Piper has led behavioral nutritional, and physical health programs and created infrastructures for both C-Suite executives and organizations through coaching.  Finally, Piper has sought to mentor individuals throughout her work as a counselor and coach and was asked to co-author an international book, Coach Wisdom Volume II. Piper has a desire to approach counseling with an authentic, collaborative, and compassionate approach and is in the final stages of her master's degree, with graduation in August 2023.


The team combines traditional therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy while incorporating Adlerian lifestyle principles found in the BASIS-A Inventory©.


By reading further, you will discover the unique and transformative services we offer that go beyond the conventional counseling experience.


Get ready to embark on a journey toward true holistic mental health healing.

1. Holistic Approach: 


The combined efforts of consultant Susan Belangee, Ph.D., and counselor Piper Harris provide a holistic approach to counseling. Dr. Belangee's use of the psychological assessment, the BASIS-A Inventory©, based on Adlerian Lifestyle and interpretation allows for a deep understanding of the client's personality, strengths, and challenges. This, combined with Piper Harris' expertise in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), ensures that the treatment plan is tailored specifically to the client's needs and goals. 


2. Comprehensive Assessment: 


Dr. Belangee's use of the BASIS-A provides a comprehensive assessment of the client's psychological functioning. This assessment includes various factors such as beliefs, emotions, behaviors, and coping mechanisms. Incorporating this assessment into the counseling sessions, it allows for a more accurate understanding of the client's underlying issues and facilitates targeted interventions. 


3. Collaborative Treatment Planning: 


The therapeutic team of Dr. Belangee and Piper Harris fosters a collaborative treatment planning process. Together, they can analyze the assessment results and jointly develop a treatment plan that addresses the client's unique needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the client's goals are at the forefront and that the counseling sessions are tailored to their specific circumstances, increasing the overall effectiveness of the treatment. 


4. Integration of Approaches: 


By combining the Adlerian-based interpretation of the BASIS-A Inventory© with CBT counseling provided by Piper Harris, the therapeutic team offers an integrated approach to counseling. This integration allows for the application of evidence-based techniques and strategies from both perspectives. It brings together the understanding of the client's thought patterns, coping mechanisms, and beliefs with practical interventions to help the client make lasting changes in their lives. 


5. Continuity of Care: 


Having a therapeutic team ensures continuity of care throughout the counseling process. Dr. Belangee and Piper Harris can work closely together, exchanging information and insights about the client's progress. This coordinated approach ensures that the client receives consistent support, interventions, and strategies throughout their therapeutic journey, improving the overall quality of care. 


6. Diverse Perspectives and Expertise: 


The collaboration between Dr. Belangee and Piper Harris brings together diverse perspectives and expertise. Dr. Belangee's background in psychological assessment and Adlerian theory complements Piper Harris' specialization in CBT counseling. This collaboration offers different insights and approaches, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the treatment and increasing the chances of achieving positive outcomes. 


In summary, the combined efforts of consultant Susan Belangee, Ph.D., and counselor Piper Harris provide a comprehensive, targeted, and integrated approach to counseling. By utilizing the BASIS-A Inventory©, based on Adlerian Lifestyle and interpretation, and applying CBT counseling techniques, they ensure tailored treatment planning and improved outcomes. The benefits of this therapeutic team include a holistic approach, comprehensive assessment, collaborative treatment planning, integration of approaches, continuity of care, and diverse perspectives and expertise.

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