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Services and Pricing

Meet Dr. Susan Belangee, your guide to achieving organizational excellence through the power of Adlerian psychology and the BASIS-A Inventory©. With over 25 years of experience, Susan has become a leading authority in helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential by understanding self-awareness, interpersonal factors, and effective communication.

When partnering with Susan, you and your organization will benefit from her wealth of knowledge and background in working with C Suite executives, managers, and teams. With a keen focus on unlocking the hidden strengths and addressing the challenges facing your organization, she brings forth transformative improvements. Drawing inspiration from Patrick Lencioni's philosophy of building a cohesive leadership team, Susan’s unique approach, grounded in the principles of Adlerian psychology, creates an environment for unparalleled success in every facet of your organization.

By investing in Susan's expertise, you'll witness powerful transformations not only in professional relationships and communication, but on a personal level too. The results will speak for themselves - increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and lasting success. Elevate your organization's performance by partnering with Dr. Susan Belangee, and experience the impactful benefits her guidance brings to your team. Discover the pathway to your organization's success by embarking on this journey today.

Please select the option below that best fits for you. Whether it is personal consultation, business-related assistance, or training courses, Dr. Susan Belangee is ready to work with you!

Personal Consultation

This is a great opportunity to build insight into your thoughts and actions and improve your interpersonal communication skills.  You will meet individually with Dr. Belangee and discuss your BASIS-A Inventory© results in terms of strengths and drawbacks and how they affect you personally and professionally.

There are two options:

  • A single 90-minute session, during which you and Dr. Belangee will score the inventory and then discuss the results. This will be a brief overview of strengths and drawbacks as well as how the different scales interact and influence your thoughts and actions.

  • Four one-hour sessions, which allows for in-depth exploration of the results and discussion about how you use your strengths and where the drawbacks may exist. This also offers time between sessions to reflect on the information and see strengths and drawbacks at play in your daily life.

Single 90-minute session


Four 60-minute sessions


Businesses and Organizations

Current research into interpersonal dynamics in the workplace demonstrates strong links between company engagement and productivity (click here to review articles). Dr. Belangee will work with your company's leaders, staff, or both to improve communication thereby increasing employee morale and your company's bottom line.

Dr. Belangee will bring her decades of experience with understanding social interactions to work for you and your company. Pricing is based on the level of interaction you wish Dr. Belangee to have with your company.

C-Suite Leaders
  • Individual session with each leader

    • Discuss BASIS-A results for personal growth and future goals

  • C-Suite team meeting:

    • Strategize solutions to pain points

    • Long-range growth planning

    • Summary report

  • Up to 6 leaders*

Managers of Teams
  • Individual session with each manager

    • Discuss BASIS-A results for  personal growth

    • Explore connections with direct reports' results (up to 5 team members; requires team member package)

  • Summary report highlighting team's strengths and potential problem areas

  • Up to 6 managers*

Team Members/Direct Report Employees
  • Every team member takes BASIS-A

  • Summary report for every team member

  • Meeting with all team members

    • Discuss overall BASIS-A results in de-identified manner

    • Explore strengths/drawbacks to communication, productivity, and engagement

  • Up to 8 people**

Additional Packages
and Pricing

*Each leader/manager beyond 6 = $999

**Each team member/direct report beyond 8 = $299

Additional or Follow-up meetings are negotiable based on length of meeting and number of people

Training and Certification

Dr. Susan Belangee is the leading expert on using the BASIS-A Inventory© with individuals, couples, groups, businesses, and organizations. If you want to learn how to use it in your career, whether that is in the counseling field or elsewhere, sign up for a training class.

BASIS-A Level 1

This course is offered online and is limited to 8 registrants. It is a 2-day course completed over a Friday-Saturday timeframe.

Cost - $699

In this course, you will learn/practice:

  • key Adlerian psychology concepts that underscore the BASIS-A Inventory© and its interpretation

  • the basics of how the instrument was created and how to score it

  • general information for how to interpret and give feedback to clients based on your field.

  • giving feedback to fellow registrants in dyads


Upon completion of this course, you will have basic understanding to begin using the BASIS-A with clients in your work setting.

A prerequisite to signing up for this course is to have completed a personal consultation session with Dr. Belangee. For those pursuing future BASIS-A Certification, you will be required to complete the 4-hour personal consultation session.

BASIS-A Level 2

This training level will involve at least 3 supervision sessions with Dr. Belangee during which you will share and discuss at least 3 audio/video recordings of you giving feedback to clients (with appropriate permissions obtained in writing prior to recordings).

Before each supervision session, you will review and critique the recorded session and submit the summary report in advance.

There will be at least one half-day online group session with all Level 2 trainees to share and discuss experiences of using the BASIS-A in various settings and with various types of clients.

Cost - $999

The prerequisite for signing up for this level of training is to complete the Level 1 course and all other prerequisites.

BASIS-A Level 3 - BASIS-A Certification

This training level is for those who wish to learn how to train others in using the BASIS-A. Those who complete this level of training will be granted permission to use the credential "BASIS-A Certified Trainer."

For this level, registrants will lead at least three Level 1 classes with Dr. Belangee observing the sessions. After each Level 1 class, you will meet with Dr Belangee to discuss the training and develop a plan for growth and improvement.

In addition to the Level 1 classes, registrants will continue to gain practice using the BASIS-A in their work settings. Monthly supervision sessions will be required for at least one year as part of this level of training.

Cost - $1799

The prerequisite for this level is to have completed Level 1, Level 2, and all prerequisites for those levels.

Note - Pricing listed on this page across all categories is subject to change.

*The BASIS-A Inventory (Wheeler, Kern, & Curlette, 1994) is a copyrighted Adlerian life style assessment and owned by TRT Affiliates, LLC. For more information, visit

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