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BASIS-A Inventory Consultation

What is the BASIS-A Inventory?

The BASIS-A Inventory© was developed by Mary Wheeler, Roy Kern, & William Curlette in the early 1990s as a research and clinical tool that captures the Adlerian concept of lifestyle, which means one's unique view of self, others, and the world and is synonymous with personality. It contains 65 items comprising 10 separate scales; each item is answered on a 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) scale and asks about an aspect of childhood (e.g. "I had lots of friends growing up").

Numerous research studies have demonstrated connections between lifestyle using the BASIS-A Inventory© and various psychological issues as well as leadership styles, workplace harassment, and conflict resolution styles.

In therapy and consultation, the BASIS-A Inventory© is used to highlight strengths and growing edges and how those influence all aspects of one's life in both positive and negative ways.

What can I expect to learn?

Individual clients will learn how they see themselves, others, and the world and experience life as they do, and what impact these personality traits have on work, friendships, intimate relationships, and themselves.

With businesses and organizations, the whole group will participate - each employee learning their own traits and then the group will discuss how employees' traits influence the work environment, communication, and productivity.

What does a consultation session look like?

Dr. Belangee will explain each scale on the BASIS-A in terms of what it measures, how your score is interpreted, what the strengths and growing edges are, and then how this connects with all aspects of your life.

For individual consultations, the feedback is geared toward a goal or issue the client wants to focus on. This information can then be shared with counselors/therapists for a holistic approach (for more information, go to this page).

For businesses and organizations, the process is oriented toward a workplace issue or company goal that needs to be addressed. Because there will be multiple people involved, Dr. Belangee can meet with each employee individually (depending on package) and then share general information with the entire group about the types of strengths present in the group and where the obstacles to communication and productivity might arise as well as strategies to reduce and/or prevent those struggles.

What if I want counseling after my consultation sessions?

We strongly encourage clients to pursue counseling if/when issues arise that are better suited for that specialized setting. Piper Harris and Dr. Belangee developed the Dynamic Mind approach that combines what clients learned during the BASIS-A consultation with a comprehensive counseling model. More information about the Dynamic Mind approach can be found here. To reach our secure client portal and start the process, click here.

*The BASIS-A Inventory (Wheeler, Kern, & Curlette, 1994) is a copyrighted Adlerian life style assessment and owned by TRT Affiliates, LLC. For more information, visit

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