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  • Susan Belangee

Playing Cards

Imagine that you're playing a card game and the dealer has just dealt you your hand. As you look at the cards, you now have to figure out how best to play them to succeed in this game. Many of us will lean into past experiences of playing the game to help with this current one. Others may choose to play this hand differently than ever before. The goal remains the same - to succeed at the game.

Let's consider this a metaphor for life and how we live it. Each of us is dealt a hand of playing cards that is created from genetics/hereditary stuff, morals/values/beliefs from our families and cultures, interactions with those around us, and our own self-understanding. These factors give rise to traits/strengths that become the cards we hold and we must then decide, from one moment to the next, how we will play them.

Some of us will play our cards in the same way or same order every time while others of us will change it up, perhaps depending on the situation. Regardless, life feels pretty good to us when the way we are playing (using) our strengths leads to positive outcomes. When life is not so kind and our play yields negative results, we may feel frustrated by the fact that our usual tactics aren't working out like we expected. It's not that our cards (traits/strengths) stop being good cards, but rather how we are choosing to play them may no longer work like before. Thus, we have to figure out new ways or new orders to play/use our strengths.

But first, what are you holding? Do you know what is in your hand? How are you playing? Is it working out for you?

The beautiful thing about the BASIS-A Inventory and accompanying consultation is your cards become very clear as you focus on how you are playing them at work/school, in relationships, and with yourself. We don't necessarily get new cards to play but we can choose to play them differently.

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