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  • Susan Belangee

Now what?

Another question I've started to hear more often is "Now what?" Those asking it have finished a consultation session with me and start wondering what they are supposed to do next. (Let's be clear, I make sure to discuss the "now what" in the session, but there is a lot of information being shared so I get that not all of it will stick). Once you understand your strengths/traits and how you use them in all areas of your life, the answer for "Now what?" becomes the process of noticing, paying attention, and intentionally using your strengths/traits. The easiest way to ensure post-consultation growth is to put the knowledge to work.

This could be something simple like telling yourself "This is me using my strength of ... in this situation." It could also look like recognition of how a trait fell to the drawback side and focusing on self-talk to bring it back to the strength side of the trait (e.g., "My leadership style contributed to a power struggle with my co-worker, so now I need to remember that we both are capable of leading and I don't need to get caught overdoing my strength"). When going into a situation, you could purposefully bring a strength to mind and then employ it in the situation. The adage "Use it or lose it" is quite fitting; the things we use most often become the tools to use in future situations.

So it's a simple answer for continued growth and reinforcement of your strengths - notice that you're using your strengths/traits and talk to yourself about that. Bring one to mind and put it to good use.

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