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  • Susan Belangee

Learning the Lingo

New positions afford opportunities to develop new practices, grow new strengths, and even learn a new language sometimes. It can be a bit daunting to face all the new things, especially as you try to establish yourself in this different space. Hopefully, there are good people around you to guide and support you through this exciting and challenging time.

I am thankful for my family and friends who have offered love and encouragement as I've started this business. While I know psychology and counseling practice inside and out and have presented and taught internationally, I am definitely exploring some new territory with business and organization consultation. It truly has its own language I think, so I am especially grateful for my friend, Staci, who gave valuable input when we talked recently.

Staci has been in the business world, and specifically in the HR area, for a number of years, so I wanted to pick her brain about what businesses and organizations really needed help with currently. She started talking about manager effectiveness and measuring tailored goals and how to enhance communication in this hybrid environment. I could comprehend her statement but started to wonder what manager effectiveness actually meant or even looked like. Staci explained that this meant how a manager knows their own strengths and weaknesses and is able to recognize their employees' strengths and weaknesses and bring those things together to complete the work. That certainly sounded like something my consultation program is designed to address.

She then spoke about tailored goals and how to measure them as well as how workplace communication is hampered by the post-COVID hybrid setting. Once again, it seemed clear to me that my consultation process targets these issues. My main purpose in helping companies is to identify the specific pain points, to establish measurable goals for improvement, and to demonstrate how the collective strengths among the managers and employees could be used more effectively to enhance communication and productivity.

Needless to say, I felt energized by our conversation and even more excited to get my foot in the door. My years of experience listening to clients and creating a path for them to achieve their goals has equipped me well for this new endeavor. All I need now is a few brave managers to embark on this journey with me. How about you?

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