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  • Susan Belangee

A Promise Fulfilled...

So my beloved mentor, Roy Kern, died last year in June. This is a lovely way to start a blog, isn't it? It's relevant though because the promise I made to him is what gave birth to my new business, Dynamic Growth Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC. For 25 years, Roy was a source of encouragement and one of my biggest cheerleaders. He would call me every couple of months or I would call him to check in and chat; I miss those calls. During every talk, he would remind me of the great things in store for me and that I'll do amazing things in my lifetime. One of the final times we talked, I told him I would make sure the BASIS-A Inventory lives on well beyond both of us. My promise.

It lay dormant for about 6 months, but then in January of this year, I started to really think about what it would look like and what I would have to do to keep that promise. I'd hear Roy's voice from my memory saying "You'll figure it out, it's gonna be great!" I already had people asking me to take them through the BASIS-A Inventory process, that they wanted to learn more, that my presentations on it over the years really excited them. So two years ago I donated a set of BASIS-A sessions to the live auction at the NASAP Annual Conference; the person who won the item raved so much about how amazing her time was with me that she convinced a friend at this past year's Conference to bid on it. And that person raved about the process to another friend who bid on the series I donated to the auction at a Positive Discipline Conference. And now that person bought the series outright as a gift to a family member because she loved the time with me so much.

So now I can say that this new business is taking shape. Individual consultations will be a significant component and I absolutely love doing them. What is still forming in my mind, with gentle nudges from Roy, is a training program so others can learn how to do what I do with the BASIS-A. In addition, I want to walk in Roy's footsteps and consult with businesses and organizations to help them increase productivity and engagement in the workplace. A clinical handbook has also formed in my mind and I imagine there will be even more to come.

I'm figuring it out, and it's gonna be great!

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Oct 27, 2023

It gonna be great, congratulations on taking this step!

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